Since time immemorial, there have always been inner and outer teachings of any given religion , spiritual path or tradition. The outer was for the general public and masses. The inner teaching generally went far beyond the surface teaching to explore the hidden knowledge behind the outer teachings. Those teachings were called the mysteries. And the vehicle that those mysteries were shared was through a mystery school. Beyond outer worship and surface beliefs, it’s a place of learning sacred technology and cultivating spiritual mastery.

The Ifa Orisa Tradition calls their mysteries Awo. It is both a reference to an Initiate of the mysteries as well as the sacred knowledge hidden from the masses. Much of this ancient knowledge came to be passed through family lines as ancient priesthood’s fell to the pressures of modern religions and social politics. Many teachings had to go even further underground to preserve what whey could in the trials of the trans Atlantic Slave trade. Now, in the 21st century we seek to return back to our most ancient roots to herald in a new mystery school based on the old ways.

This mystery school’s mission is to 

Create a global community of healers, spiritual mentors, devotees, and priests in the  Ifa Orisa Wisdom Tradition of Africa. 
Be a online community home
through which people can learn about the esoteric teachings of Africa and the diaspora, spiritual healing, time honored indigenous principles. 
Be a means through which to facilitate teaching ancient mysteries for applications in the 21st century.
Feminine Mysteries and the acient mothers
Divine Masculine Mysteries
Esoteric Mysteries 
Ancient Ancestral Wisdom 
Facilitate Higher consciousness in the African Wisdom traditions

Transcend fear based perceptions of tradition by offering tools for healing and wholeness

To transcend limitations of personal lineage to global Ifa Orisa consciousness 

To cultivate Ori and Orisa consciousness through inner transformation and self development.

To shift focus from business based models of the Ifa Orisa tradition to mystery school  based model. 

Community based initiations to share in financial responsibilities and offer more manageable 

Community Ebos - to share in the cost of an Ebo for individuals in the community

Membership lowers overall cost through cooperative economics